I am Elizabeth and I am currently a college student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. Some fun fact about me are below!

Ten Fun Facts About Elizabeth

  1. I’m young for my grade; I’m a summer baby born in the last week of August
  2. I have one sibling — an older brother
  3. I love music and have worked with bands/entertainment my whole life
  4. My favorite number is 4, and I prefer even numbers
  5. I am obsessed with organization and planners
  6. My favorite holidays are Christmas and the Fourth of July
  7. I tore my right ACL in high school (If you want the story, ask– it’s funny)
  8. I used to competitively act and even placed in state competitions
  9. I love photography and dabble in graphic design – check out my Instagram or Hobbies page for more
  10. My favorite color is blue